SUNY Brockport Bro Attempts Greatest Beer Pong Dunk Off a Roof Of All Time, Fails

by 4 years ago


Yesterday I put out a call to action to the Brommunity for legendary  beer pong dunks. Some of the submissions were impressive, but none quite as impressive as a picture of a SUNY Brockport bro leaping off a roof for a pong table. After a late night of negotiating, we finally convinced a tipster to send us a video of this Great Moment in Beer Pong Dunks history, which we turned into a GIF.  Turns out gravity got the best of this Bro, resulting in perhaps the funniest (or at least most ridiculous) beer pong dunk FAIL (or WIN?) of all time. Enjoy, Bros….

He did it for the story. We glad he’s still alive… Why is it that you never see girls doing beer pong dunks? Can someone change that, in the name of gender equality?

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[H/T: Andy Isaac for the GIF creation]

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