Tennessee Student Put A Nude Model’s Name On A Quiz, Prompting The Professor To Claim Sexual Harassment And Give Him A Zero

The most head-scratching, “what the fuck?” college campus story of the day comes from TFM, who obtained an e-mail horror story about a college professor completely losing her chill over a test question. In a b.s. question on a rocks for jocks geology class, this poor University Of Tennessee student threw a hail mary on the lab instructor’s name. This prompted a freak out where she gave him a zero, accused him of violating Title IX, and accused him of sexual harassment. Why? Because the name he chose — Sarah Jackson — is allegedly a D-list model for a lingerie company.




Here’s the whole saga via TFM. Hot take: College professors who flex like this are petty, annoying, and can’t handle life outside their college campus safe space bubbles in the real work.

Mistakes happen, but what a terrible hill for the college professor to die on. There are probably a thousand Sarah Jacksons in the world. She must really hate this poor Bro.

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