These Are The Top 25 Colleges Where Students Get Laid From Using Dating Apps

A recent survey done by The Grade found that 65% of people who use dating apps think that they’re a good way to meet people while at college, but how are you supposed to know which colleges make the most out of dating apps? Like you’re not gonna want to go to the University of Alaska, open up Tinder and get matched with a bunch of bears and lumberjacks, whereas over at Arizona State it’s just hottie on hottie on hottie for you to swipe right on.

Well never fear, because The Grade ALSO went and found out the 25 best colleges for mobile dating by analyzing message quality and response rate, as well as which colleges have the hottest users, users who swear the most, users who are picky and users who tend to only use the app late at night.

Hofstra, we’re lookin’ at you.

  1. Hofstra University – A+
  2. University of Connecticut = A+
  3. University of Miami – A+
  4. Cornell University – A+
  5. Ohio State University – A
  6. Texas A&M University – A
  7. University of Central Florida – A
  8. University of Texas at Austin – A
  9. University of Pennsylvania – A-
  10. Rutgers University – A-
  11. University of Florida – A-
  12. Columbia University – B+
  13. Pennsylvania State University – B+
  14. Michigan State University – B+
  15. Fashion Institute of Technology – B+
  16. University of Arizona – B
  17. University of Michigan – B
  18. Syracuse University – B
  19. University of Illinois at Ubrana-Champaign – B
  20. Boston University – B-
  21. Harvard University – B-
  22. Arizona State University – C
  23. New York University – C
  24. University of Wisconsin-Madison – C
  25. Indiana University – F

And for a further breakdown:

According to The Grade:

Grades of A- Or Higher: This represents the % of users from that school who have a grade of A+, A, or A-. For example, 45% of users from Hofstra have a grade of A- or higher, which is top on the list.

Incoming Like-Rate: This is the ratio of swipes that are likes. For example, users from Hofstra get liked 53% of the time, and skipped 47% of the time.

Messages That Are Low Quality: This is the % of messages that our algorithm identifies as low quality. Low quality messages include common grammar and spelling mistakes, along with excessive use of “slang” (fomo, yolo, hbu) and inappropriate/vulgar content. For example, 9.7% of messages sent by users from Hofstra contain low quality content.

Response Rate: This is the rate at which users respond to incoming messages. For example, users from Hofstra respond to incoming messages 58% of the time.

After Hours Swiping: This is the percentage of swipes that occur between the hours of 12am – 6am (Late Night). For example, users from Hofstra do 12% of their swiping between 12am – 6am.

Not gonna lie though, if the deciding factor in what university you choose to attend after high school is the kind of quality matches you may or may not get on a dating app, college might not be right for you.

[Via The Grade, header image via Shutterstock]