Guess How Many Times They Say ‘Turn Up!!!!!!!’ In This Spring Break Video from Mexico?

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 3.30.41 PM

See that face? That’s the face of a Bro who’s screamed “TURRRRNNNN UPPPPPP!!!!” about twenty times in a five minute interval. Between Monster Energy drinks and holding girls upside down by the legs, he turns the fuck up. We get it, college kids: You “TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!” A lot. The problem is that Lil Jon already made “Turning Down” way cooler.

These Spring Break videos are getting boring. Also, why the fuck would you go to Rosarito for SB? That’s the college beach equivalent of a a Tijuana donkey show. Surfing’s good, but then there’s that long drive back to SD at the end of the day. No one got time for that when they’re TURRRRRNEDDDD UPPPPPPPP.