UGA Students Posts Craigslist Ad Asking Hitman to Injure Them and Save Them from Finals


Ah, finals. The time of the year when sleep-deprivation leads to questionable decisions, like popping a Red Bull at 3 a.m., or hiring a hitman to run you over with a car.

Two “lovely ladies” at the University of Georgia posted a totally-not-serious but actually maybe semi-serious Craigslist ad during Finals Week, seeking a “skilled tradesman” to nail them with a car. They politely asked to not be killed, just “injured enough” to give them a valid excuse to not take their exams.


Compensation was “hitting two lovely ladies by vehicle with permission.” It’s a niche fetish.georgia-craigslist-2

Google turns up no results of Bulldog co-eds being run over. But then again, this might be the kind of story people want left out of the news.

[H/T: Uproxx; Photo: mikeledray/Shutterstock]

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