Oh. The University of Alabama STILL Hates Black People

This is how fucking racist the American South still is. In 2014, the University of Alabama’s Student Government Association wouldn’t even VOTE on a—basically impotent—resolution that stated the school’s Greek community should try to hate black people a little less.

Instead of voting on the matter, the SGA sent it to a committee, which effectively killed it, because there are no more Senate meetings this year.

Here’s what the measure said.

Whereas, Given the history of the University of Alabama in the Civil Rights Movement, it is imperative that the campus takes every necessary action to remove the stigma that currently surrounds this campus regarding its legacy of segregation

Be it further resolved, The Senate supports the complete integration of all Greek letter fraternities and sororities at the University of Alabama, with respect to social diversity among it’s membership.

Oh man, that’s like a feckless version of Brown vs. Board, which the rest of America agreed was cool about 60 years ago. But Bama ain’t curr. Can’t be having the blacks in the private clubs. What if they try to use the furniture?

Actually, that’s not the supposed reason the amendment didn’t pass. Said a supporter of the bill, Chisholm Allenlundy:

“I think ultimately the reason that it failed to pass was it gave the impression, I think maybe, that—to a lot of the senators—that maybe we were attempting to disparage the Greek community.”

Couldn’t agree more. If there was ever a community within our country that was enslaved, beaten and stripped of basic human rights for the better part of three centuries, it was members of fraternities.

Oh no, wait. It was black people.

But Alabama’s right. Let’s not besmirch the Greek community, which actively denies membership to black people. That would be in poor taste.  Southern values is all.


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