University Celebrates Women With Giant Golden Statue Of A Clitoris


So many amazing things going on in this almost empty photo. Yes, of course, the massive gold clitoris but the neon Clitoracy sign deserves to hang behind the bar at an off campus frat house.

Here’s the story behind the golden clit and the greatest neon bar sign ever.

The University of the South will unveil a giant golden clitoris statue that will reside in the school’s library with a luncheon and reception this afternoon.

From Feb., 25 to March 11, a giant golden clitoris sculpture will be on display in Sewanee’s library to promote feminist artist Sophia Wallace’s “CLITERACY” project. Sewanee’s Women’s Center has promoted the event on social media with hashtags such as #SolidGoldClit and #yeaSEWANEEScliterate.

I want to live in a world where #SolidGoldClit trends on Twitter. Let’s make it happen, but before we do, let’s enjoy this sentence for its sheer beauty.

The giant golden clitoris is also a part of Wallace’s “clit rodeo,” an event where participants can take turns riding a mechanical clit instead of a bull.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

[H/T: Campus Reform]