University Of Central Florida’s Snapchat Has A Damn ORGY Going On, Plus Twerking, Boobs, Drugs And More

by 4 years ago

Yeti Campus

Yeti Campus is an app that describes itself as featuring “local pictures and videos by showing the most recent posts from users around you.” Yes I know the title says “Snapchat,” but do most of you know what Yeti Campus is? Probably not. Why shoot myself in the foot right off the bat when I can just blatantly lie to you and then call myself out right after? It’s called “taking one for the team,” you’re welcome.

What Yeti’s app description roughly translates to is that it’s full of University of Central Florida kids doing what college kids do best: everything except study. There’s a goddamn orgy going on, blunts on blunts on blunts rolling around $2,000 MacBooks that probably haven’t been used for anything academic in months (unless you count Netflix and chill “academic”), plus twerking. And tits. And ass.

Basically college in a nutshell.



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