Video Leaks Of University Of Arkansas Professor Allegedly Banging One Of His Students Over His Desk On Snapchat

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Tonight, an alleged leaked Snapchat video of a former University Arkansas professor banging one of his is student “doggystyle” over his desk is making the rounds on the Internet.

Via Total Frat Move

According to multiple tips we received over the past hour, a video has leaked that allegedly features a now former professor at the University of Arkansas having sex on the desk of either a lecture hall or his office with an alleged student. A link to the video was included with the tip, and we watched all 24 seconds of it. There’s definitely some doggy-style sex happening on a desk in what looks like a classroom

The name of the professor has also been plastered all over the Internet and his rate my professor page now looks like this.


We’ve seen the video and it does exist but we can’t post it for obvious reasons (just google it if you’re curious.)

Unfortunately, it seems professor bro is no longer going to be banging hot coeds anymore and as he’s no longer employed by the University and has changed careers entirely, which is probably for the best.

Update: School officials have denied that the person in the video was employed by the school.

Here’s the University’s statement Via The Arkansas Traveler

“We don’t know where these claims are coming from,” Voorhies said. “The sex video is of somebody, but not a former faculty member, that we know of.”

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