University of Michigan’s Show About ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’ Heads to VH1

Here’s a novel idea: operate a shuttle on a college campus for walk-of-shamers. Charge $5 a ride and stock the van with water bottles and coupons for Plan B. Make a hilarious commercial for the service, have it noticed by the powers-that-be at VH1, and then film an actual reality show out of picking up the hungover and makeup-smeared coeds of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This is the fascinating post-grad route of Kellyann Wargo, a 2012 Michigan graduate who started the walk-of-shame shuttle as a lark and now has an upcoming TV show out of it. Kellyann is pretty hilarious—she calls herself “Taylor Swift shocked” at the news, and never thought this thing would come to this:

HOLY CRAP NO, not a single part of my brain was like, “Maybe someone in the entertainment business will see this and make it a TV show.” I was just having fun! When I made the YouTube video I thought, “Maybe some guys will recognize me at the bar and I can get some free shots.” ALSO WRONG, everyone recognized my friends in the Halloween costumes and I would just kind of stand to the side. I originally started the business to make money, but $5 is not a strong motivator to pick up strangers. What keeps me going is what happens in the shuttle. I love swapping ledge-dancing stories, comparing scars from tripping in heels, the craziest place you took your spanx off- it is the source material!

Anyway, it could be good. And Michigan should provide plenty of source material.

[H/T: Daily Mail]