University Of Richmond Fraternity Suspended After ‘Super Sexist’ Party Invite Email Gets Leaked To School Newspaper

Truth be told, this email isn’t even that bad. I’ve read worse and I’ve written worse, and the fact that this is the most “offensive” and “sexist” email to leak at the start of fall semester is a pretty good omen for fraternities around the country.

That being said, could Kappa Alpha at the University of Richmond sent the following email without including the line about fathers sending their daughters to school? Definitely. Is that closing line anywhere near as bad as the racist email that surfaced at the University of Maryland last year? No way.

Yet here we are again, scrutinizing emails sent by early 20-somethings for offensive language. It’s like going to a Kanye concert and getting mad when he whips out his greatest hits, or going to a Trump rally and being pissed that there aren’t any minorities in attendance. I’m not saying young’uns SHOULD be writing sexist emails, just that I don’t know why anyone expects otherwise when blessed with modest anonymity and an Internet full of offensive (yet humorous to some) phrases:

The University of Richmond later issued a statement, saying “The e-mail contained grossly offensive language and suggestions of behavior inconsistent with our policies concerning Greek life and with the caring nature of our campus community.”

Shoulda kept better watch over your listserve, guys. Better luck next time.

[H/T CollegeCandy]