Guess How Pissed This University Was When It Found A Student Using Their Library To Broadcast Live Sex Shows



You know when you ask your parents if they’re mad at you, and their response of “We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed” basically equates to “We kind of wish you were dead”? That’s basically what happened with the University of Newcastle and an unidentified female student (they can’t all be the Duke Pornstar, y’know) who was caught broadcasting live sex shows from the university library.

The university said she had been ‘counselled’ after officials were informed she was broadcasting the solo sex performances from the Auchmuty campus library, on the New South Wales coast north of Sydney.

Her sex shows were screened on a pay per view website and promoted via social media, the Newcastle Herald reported.

Via Daily Mail

Oh, and here comes the kicker…

A University of Newcastle spokeswoman said the institution was ‘very disappointed’ when the student was found to be ‘using internet facilities inappropriately on campus’.

Via Daily Mail

BOOM there’s the headshot.


And if you’re a U. Newcastle student who immediately thought of themselves rather than the poor girl who’s sexing her way around the Internet just to pay for college and said “Wait wait, they CLEANED the library right??” well then let me put your fears to rest. That whole section of the library has reportedly been steam cleaned.

However, according to Newcastle University Students’ Association president Clare Swan, the incident highlights the need for more financial support from the university rather than, y’know, the fact that there’s probably vagina juice soaked into a few couches at the library.

‘Newcastle has a high enrolment of students from low socio-economic background – it’s 26 per cent,’ Ms Swan said.

‘The question shouldn’t be any sort of judgement or about the morals involved.
‘Our primary concern should be the health and safety of the student.’

Via Daily Mail

You have to assume that the unidentified student is in decent health, since who wants to watch live sex shows where the person on camera looks like they have the black plague? And it took place in the library so as long as the university doesn’t share a communal space with the local prison she was probably pretty safe too right? Looks like Clare Swan doesn’t need to worry her pretty little head, everything is under control!

[H/T Daily Mail, image via Shutterstock]

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