Wesleyan University Dean Emails Parents: ‘We Need Your Help’ in Stopping Tour de Franzia

Dear Wesleyan Parents,

We need your help. I am forwarding to you the message (below) that I recently sent to all students. The so-called “Tour de Franzia” has surfaced at Wesleyan in recent years and it has been fraught with dangerous problems. It has been impossible for us to identify the students who organize the event because it is publicized and promoted via an anonymous Facebook account. We need your help in talking with your student about the very real dangers associated with the event, as well as the significant judicial consequences that participants will face. I hope you will help us to discourage participation in this dangerous activity

Many thanks,

Dean Mike Whaley


According to MSN Now, parental response was mixed. Said one student on Twitter, “My dad forwarded me Whaley's tour de franzia email with the message attached “[Redacted] – if you enter this event, I EXPECT YOU TO WIN!”

[H/T: MSN Now]