Wheaton College Students Under Fire For Recreating KKK Skit From Classic Movie During Team Building Exercise

Here’s the bad news — college students still aren’t getting the message that anything, ANYTHING they do right now regarding race is a bad idea. The kinda good news — at least this time it wasn’t a moron fraternity.

It was the morons on the football team.

Members of Wheaton College’s football team have issued an apology after a “satirical parody” attempt of a scene in the 2003 movie “Bad Boys II” was deemed “racially insensitive” by the school.

During a Feb. 28 event in one of the Illinois school’s gyms, a group of about 20 student athletes, led by two African-American students, reenacted the Hollywood scene involving actors Martin Lawrence and Will Smith.

It was intended to be funny while poking fun at the racist hate group, but it drew outrage and concern among the campus community.

For those unfamiliar with the scene, here’s a clip.

Philip Ryken, president of the evangelical Christian college, told reporters that “once word of the students actions reached his ears, he immediately organized a 1 a.m. meeting on March 1.”

Perfect. I hope the first question was hopefull “what the fuck does this scene have to do with anything?!?!” I mean it’s great scene as far as action movies about black police officers is concerned but exactly what type of show was being put on? Was this a campus wide talent show? The scene seems kind of out of place wedged between a freshman playing Story Of My Life on a banjo and an original poem by the head of the End Rape On Campus advocacy group.

And wasn’t Martin Lawrence available? I’m thinking he’d be happy to come to campus and do the scene himself. He’s got little else going right now. Holla atcha boy.


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