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12 Essential Shows Every Live Music Fan Should Stream Right Now via

As a live music fan, I’ve had a subscription for about as long as I can remember. It’s my digital lifeline that connects me with my favorite hobby: Experiencing live music, whether at a show or afterward, streaming on demand. has been around for decades, connecting live music junkies with a vast archive of sound board-quality live audio. The platform boasts over 25,000 full-length concert recordings from of the greatest concert acts of all time: Pearl Jam, Widespread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee, Dead & Company, Metallica, Jimmy Buffett, Dave Matthews Band, Billy Strings and so much more.

Here’s the thing about It’s great for archival shows and revisiting concert moments you’ve attended. It’s also great for discovering new favorites and keeping tabs on the going-ons of your favorite artists.

Miss your favorite band on tour when they rolled through town or hear through the grapevine about a show in another city? will help alleviate that FOMO.

A membership also gives you access to live concert videos that are only available on the app. You can watch iconic concerts from greats like Jimmy Buffett, The Rolling Stones, Umphrey’s McGee, Dead & Company, Metallica, and so much more.

As a long-time user, I put together a list of recent essential shows available to stream. There are gems, all worth a listen whenever you feel the need to throw some live music on and get down – on run, doing your laundry, at the gym, cooking, washing the dishes, in the car, etc.

You can listen to audio and watch videos from concerts on your phone, computer, Sonos, AppleTV, or Chromecast.

Start your free trial now. More info + details on how to sign-up here


Billy Strings

12/11/2021 – The Eastern – Atlanta, GA

Billy Strings has had an absolute heater of a year in 2021. His stock just keeps climbing higher and higher in the music world, in truly meteoric fashion.

It seems like Strings is everywhere, from the pages of the New York Times to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Austin City Limits stage. He even won a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass album. A couple of months after that, he put out another album, Renewal, to critical praise.

On the road, Strings and his band tore up Ashville for Halloween with a run of Wizard Of Oz-themed shows. While every show on his fall tour stands for itself, his four-night run in Atlanta stands out with its tasteful mix of covers from local music icons. This show, in particular, includes Widespread Panic’s “Ride Me High”, Reba McEntire’s “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, String Cheese Incident’s “Black Clouds” and the Grateful Dead’s “Wharf Rat.”


Set I: Sally Goodin, John Hardy, Fire Line, Running the Route, The Letter Edged in Black, Black Clouds, While I’m Waiting Here, Pyramid Country, Know It All

Set II: Secrets, The Likes of Me, Meet Me at the Creek, Ride Me High, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, I’ll Remember You, Love, in My Prayers, Wharf Rat, All Fall Down

Encore: Big Mon 3000



Dead & Co

10/31/2021 – Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, California

Dead & Company took to the road for 31 shows in 2021, split into three legs spanning from mid-August through Halloween.

Each show from the tour is available to stream on One of the highlights is the Halloween closer in Los Angeles at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. A blissful “Terrapin Station” to end Set I and an “El Paso” bust-out, woven perfectly into “Dark Star”.

Set I: Samson And Delilah, Uncle John’s Band, Brown-Eye Women, Touch of Grey, Dire Wolf, Hell in a Bucket, Lady with a Fan > Terrapin Station

Set II: Althea, Dark Star > El Paso > Dark Star > Eyes of the World > Drums > Space > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Morning Dew, Not Fade Away

Encore: Brokedown Palace


Pearl Jam

10/01/2021 & 10/02/2021 – Ohana Festival – Dana Point, CA

For the most part, Pearl Jam laid low in 2021, with Eddie Vedder and company dusting the cobwebs off at two festivals, both by the ocean. PJ took the stage at the Sea.Hear.Now. Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey and did four nights headlining at the Ohana Festival, in Dana Point, California.

Worth a spin via The second weekend of the Ohana Festival. It went full throttle with a mix of PJ favorites and bust-outs, with Vedder’s voice sounding as timeless as ever.

10/01 Setlist

Set I: Low Light, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town, Dance Of The Clairvoyants. Never Destination, Do The Evolution, I Am Mine, Buckle Up, Even Flow, Seven O’Clock, Nothingman, State Of Love And Trust, Who Ever Said, Sweet Lew, Better Man/(People Have The Power), Rearviewmirror

Encore: River Cross, Garden, Why Go, Alive, All Along The Watchtower, Yellow Ledbetter

10/02 Setlist

Set I: Superblood Wolfmoon, All Night, Last Exit, Lukin, Corduroy, Dance Of The Clairvoyants, Quick Escape, Wishlist/(Waiting On A Friend), Given To Fly, Seven O’Clock, Not For You/(Modern Girl), Even Flow, Take The Long Way, Unthought Known, Daughter, Once, Black, Again Today, Smile, Porch

Encore: Wasted Reprise, Life Wasted, Alive, Rockin’ In The Free World


The Hold Steady

11/14/2021, Early & Late shows – First Avenue – Minneapolis, MN 

A string of hometown shows for these Minnesota-born, Brooklyn-based rockers. If you love loud, fuzzy guitars and songwriting with a serious punk twist, don’t miss these two shows. It marks The Hold Steady’s return to the stage for the first time since 2019. Bonus points for it going down in an intimate venue, which bleeds through in the recording quality of the show.

Early show: Positive Jam, Stuck Between Stations, The Swish, Magazines, Lanyards, Stevie Nix, Multitude of Casualties, One for the Cutters, Sequestered in Memphis, I Hope This Whole Thing Didn’t Frighten You, Denver Haircut, The Feelers Entitlement Crew, Chips Ahoy!, Don’t Let Me Explode, Spices, Hurricane J, Knuckles, Massive Nights, Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night, Your Little Hoodrat Friend

Encore: Constructive Summer, Hot Soft Light, Confusion in the Marketplace, Killer Parties


Late show: Hornets! Hornets!, Cattle and the Creeping Things, Ask Her for Adderall, You Did Good Kid, Sequestered in Memphis, Banging Camp, Heavy Covenant, Stuck Between Stations, Unpleasant Breakfast, Party Pit, We Can Get Together, The Weekenders, Constructive Summer, On With the Business, T-Shirt Tux, You Can Make Him Like You, Massive Nights, Entitlement Crew, Southtown Girls, Crucifixion Cruise, How a Resurrection Really Feels

Encore: Parade Days, Your Little Hoodrat Friend, Stay Positive, Killer Parties


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead

9/24/21 & 9/25/21 – Salvage Station – Asheville, NC

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to have a bad time at a JRAD show? I certainly have never had a bad time at a JRAD show. In fact, I’ve repeatedly had my mind blown by the many various JRAD shoes I’ve taken in over the years.

Their playful interpretations of the Grateful Dead songbook have made them a musical force of their own. In 2021, during a two-night run in Asheville, Joe Russo and his troupe of musical pranksters blasted off on an improvisational odyssey that defied the laws of space and time.

The “Reuben and Cherise” on night 2 is particularly masterful.

9/24 Setlist: 

Set I: Might as Well, Hell in a Bucket, Loser, The Eleven, Beat It on Down the Line, Cumberland Blues

Set II: Magnificent Sanctuary Band, Casey Jones, Brown-Eyed Women, Lost Sailor Saint of Circumstance, So Many Roads, Not Fade Away

Encore: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

9/25 Setlist: 

Set I: Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line, Cassidy, Eyes of the World, Loose Lucy, Dancing in the Street

Set II: The Other One, Reuben and Cherise, Throwing Stones, Big Railroad Blues, Throwing Stones, Bird Song, The Other One reprise, Here Comes Sunshine, Turn On Your Love Light

Encore: Quinn The Eskimo




11/06/2021 & 11/07/2021 – The Eastern – Atlanta, GA

In the annals of live music history, 2021 will go down as the year when everyone and their brother jumped into the Goose flock. Like Billy Strings, they were everywhere this year, progressively playing bigger and bigger venues to bigger and bigger crowds: Terminal 5 in New York City, Mission Ballroom in Denver, Westville Music Bowl in New Haven, The Caverns in Tennessee.

The hype is real – Goose is emerging as one of the most exciting improvisational rock bands out there.

They toured tirelessly this past year, growing their fanbase by the week. The excitement around the Connecticut quintet is contagious.

Whether you’re on the Goose train or simply getting your feathers wet, don’t miss their two-night run in Atlanta, with both shows packed to the brim with masterful jamming.

11/06 Setlist: 

Set I: Flodown, The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show, Life on the Shelf, Indian River, Honeybee, Slow Ready, Arcadia

Set II: The Empress of Organos, Please Forgive Me > Rosewood Heart > Creatures > Dragonfly I & II

Encore: Turned Clouds 


11/07 Setlist:

Set I: Jive II, Doc Brown, Atlas, All I Need, Drive 

Set II: Echo of a Rose, S.O.S., The Old Man’s Boat, You and Whose Army, Arrow, Tomorrow Never Knows, Doobie Song

Encore: Madhuvan



Umphrey’s McGee

10/08/21 & 10/09/21, UM BOWL – The Capital Theatre –  Port Chester, NY

Umphrey’s McGee might have the biggest archive of shows on, with a collection of over 1500 shows dating back to 2001.

2021 was a stellar year for Umph Love. A highlight: UMBowl 2021 at The Cap in Port Chest, where Umphrey’s did their 7th “Stew Art” set ever. For the unfamiliar, the concept is the ultimate music > fan interaction; fan text the band concepts and the band, well, just rolls with it.

The result? Truly unique, brand new improvised music on the spot, all based on the ideas presented on the screen in the room.

I’ve probably listened to Jane Fonda Workout over a hundred times since October. It’s just so much fun.

10/08 Setlist: 

Set I – Choose Your Own  Adventure: Intro, Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Push The Pig > Utopian Fir > JaJunk (ending), Cemetery Walk II
Set II – Acoustic: In The Kitchen > Anchor Drops, Booth Love, Divisions, Nemo > Uncle Wally > Nemo, Water > In The Kitchen
Set II – Band Picks: Der Bluten Kat > Resolution > Der Bluten Kat
Encore: Partyin’ Peeps, Wizard Burial Ground


10/09 Setlist:

Set I – Stew Art Series: There’s No Crying In Mexico > “Math Rock Meets Soul” > “Jane Fonda Workout” > “Middle Eastern Trance” > “Reggae Against The Machine” > “Mongolian Throat Singing Meets Meshuggah” > “Dim Lights, Small Town” > “Increasing Tempo Jam” > “Smooth Jazz Elevator Music” * > “Zappa Goes To A Rave” > “Rockabilly Christmas” > “Who Dosed Debussy?” > “Evil Abience” > “Keyboard Galaxy”

Set II – All Night Wrong – Covers: Can’t Go For That > Once In A Lifetime, Mother, Rosanna > 1979, Senor Mouse,  Sabotage

Set III – Band Picks: Maybe Someday, All In Time > Hajimemashite, Search 4, Ringo > All In Time

Encore: It Was A Good Day > Between The Sheets



My Morning Jacket

03/05/18 – Hard Rock Hotel – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Every My Morning Jacket show has a truly ethereal quality, with soundscapes that feel like musical vapor floating through the air.

In 2022, MMJ will bring back their One Big Holiday festival in Mexico, featuring three nights of music on the beach. In anticipation, revisit the last MMJ One Big Holiday show, where Jim James and company tore through live performances of three albums in one night, ceremoniously concluding the festival with a “One Big Holiday” encore.   

Set I: Evil Urges*, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 1*, Highly Suspicious*, I’m Amazed, Thank You Too!, Sec Walkin, Two Halves, Librarian, Look at You, Aluminum Park, Remnants, Smokin From Shootin, Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2

Set II: Victory Dance, Circuital, The Day Is Coming, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Outta My System, Holdin On To Black Metal, First Light, You Wanna Freak Out, Slow Slow Tune, Movin Away, Believe, Compound Fracture, Like A River, In Its Infancy (The Waterfall), Get The Point, Spring (Among The Living), Thin Line, Big Decisions, Tropics (Erase Traces), Only Memories Remain

Encore: Magic Bullet, One Big Holiday

*with Preservation Hall Jazz Band


Disco Biscuits

10/29/21 & 10/30/21 – Brooklyn Bowl – Las Vegas, Nevada

Few things are more fun than a post-Phish The Disco Biscuits show. Especially in Las Vegas. In October 2021, the Biscuits hit Vegas for a dizzying three-night run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, hitting the stage each night around 12:45 AM.

I attended 10/29 and 10/30, both of which were deep-space trance supernovas. The grooves were dialed-in, making for wonderful relistening via

10/29 Setlist: 

Set I: Tuning, Mindless Dribble > Spacebirdmatingcall, Pygmy Twylyte> Astronaut> Running into the Night> Astronaut

Set II: Triumph > Helicopters > Abraxas > Lake Shore Drive > Gangster > Helicopters

Encore: Therapy


10/30 Setlist: 

Set I: Tuning, M.E.M.P.H.I.S. > Hot Air Balloon > Shem-Rah Boo(*)> I-Man > Hot Air Balloon

Set II: Banter, 42 > Orch Theme > Evolve > Neck Romancer > Let’s Dance > 42

Encore: King Of The World



Widespread Panic

11/19/21 – Chicago Theatre – Chicago IL

When Widespread announced a November 2021 run of shows in Chicago, Spreadheads knew it was going to be something special. WSMFP hasn’t played the Windy City for five years, giving the band a renewed energy to a fresh crowd.

And, boy oh boy did they deliver during the three-night run, which many in the fanbase gushed as “the best of the year”.

All three shows are available on to stream, with the last night of the run being a monster.


Set I: Greeting, Pigeons > Makes Sense To Me, Little Kin, This Part Of Town, Tall Boy > Jam > Heaven, Machine > Barstools And Dreamers, Honky Red, Taildragger

Set II: From The Cradle > Pleas > Jam > Use Me Mercy > Jam > Bust It Big > Drum Solo > Bust It Big, That Thang > Vacation > Climb To Safety

Encore: Chunk Of Coal, Can’t Find My Way Home



08/20/2021 – LOCKN’ Festival – Arrington, VA

Live music fans everywhere know that truly extraordinary magic happens in the fields of the LOCKN’ Festival grounds.

Amongst the highlights at the 2021 gathering: The rock band Dawes performing Black Sabbath covers, including “War Pigs”, “Paranoid”, “Iron Man”, and “Electric Funeral”.

It’s gnarly rock’n roll in all its glory.


Set I: War Pigs / Luke’s Wall, Paranoid, Planet Caravan, Iron Man, Electric Funeral, Hand Of Doom, Rat Salad, Jack The Stripper / Fairies Wear Boots


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