Watch This Dude Rap About Everything That Went Down In 2017 While Bashing An Entire Pizza

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2017 rap pizzaSource: Aaron Nemo

A lot of shit went down in 2017 – good, bad, and plenty of ugly. So much went down that it’s easy to forget about some of the headlines, mishaps, and shitty celebrity deaths. Thankfully, Aaron Nemo is here with some bumpin’ cliff notes.

Aaron works at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert but he’s also a legit music producer and rapper. He made a beat, auto-tuned the hell out of a hook, and wrote some bars to summarize the entirety of 2017. It’s clever as hell, hilarious, and impressive in many ways.

For the music video, he decided to perform the rap on the roof of his office building while eating an entire pizza by himself. Check it out:


If you didn’t catch all of his rap, here are a couple of my favorite lines from the song:

  • “2017 is a glitch, who’s fixing it? A question-mark-in-a-square am sick of it”
  • “Atlanta, they were chocking it like Bannon does on his own dick”
  • “United Airlines ruined this dude’s flight. Amazon’s trying to start a Whole Food fight”

I agree with Aaron, 2017 was hell but at least we’ll always have pizza.


[h/t Huffington Post Comedy]


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