60 Of The Best Damn Photos On The Internet This Afternoon

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2018 funniest memes

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Welcome! It’s my job to bring you the best funny memes of 2018 each day. Here at BroBible, I put out the ‘Best Damn Photos’ daily pic dump in the morning and afternoon, 52 weeks a hear. This is your one-stop shop for the best funny memes, photos, sexy fishing pics, advice animals, Tumblr jokes, and more. Check in each day for the best memes of 2018.

I’ve been publishing the ‘Best Damn Photosdaily pic dump for the better part of a decade and if there’s one thing I’ve learned over time it’s that there is always a fresh feed of funny memes to be found each day. You could spend your entire day looking for the freshest and funniest memes around but it’s my job to save you time and put them all into an easily digestible gallery for you to share with friends.

If you have awesome pictures or funny memes that you think should be featured here on BroBible then let me know! There are three ways to send me your funny memes to be featured here on BroBible: 1) tag your Instagram photos with #BroBible on Instagram (follow us at @BroBible), 2) email me your funny photos to cass@brobibledotcom, or 3) tweet me your funniest memes and pics to @casspa on Twitter.

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rick astley is a daddy

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5 stars to never speak of this again

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How to piss off your guide (Florida Keys Edition) : •”No, I can’t really double-haul, but I’ve got this thing I do to get it out there” •”Not much water in here, you sure the fish will get in this shallow?” •”I’m thinking about coming down here next tarpon season to guide.” •”So…what did you bring us for lunch?” •”I saw a lot more fish with Bo Rod last week at this other spot, maybe we should go there.” •”I just ordered a new Hell’s Bay so I’m gonna mark a few spots on my Navonics app. That cool?” •”I fished Belize last month and caught 4 permit and a ton of bonefish. Those guys are the best guides in the world!” •”Do you mind if I tip you in used fly line?” •”I brought 6 rods, two tackle bags, a Yeti soft side cooler, and a Pelican camera box. You’ve got room, right?” •”So what would you be doing if you had finished college?” •”Hey, let’s move. We’ve been here fifteen minutes and haven’t seen anything.” • • #flyfishing #flyguide #floridakeys #fishing #permitonfly #tarpon #tarpononfly #bonefish #flyrod #flyfishlife #fish #permitfishing #noworneverglades #bullsugar #skiff #cuba #belize #flyfishingjunkie #tightlines #gayasshashtags #builtforthewild #girlswhofish #getoutside

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Cheers #mood

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There’s a cat under all those goldfish!

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“Ass, gas or grass, no one rides for free.”

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