The 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship Results Are Here And These Are The Year’s Best Beers And Breweries

Guinness Imperial Ginger Bread Spiced Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged

Cass Anderson / BroBible

I’ve seen a noticeable uptick in my beer consumption over the past few weeks. This week, I’ve been enjoying the limited-release Guinness Imperial Ginger Bread Spice Stout from their Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore. It’s straight-up delicious and it’s been aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Believe me when I say this is one of the best holiday releases in years (locate it for yourself here). I’ve also been enjoying the annual Delirium Noel release which has been a Christmas-favorite of mine for longer than I’ve been able to legally drink.

Now the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship results are out and I’ve got A LOT of drinking to do. Their competition is billed as one of ‘The Top 3’ beer competitions in the USA and they judge over 6,000 beers across 140 different styles. They’ve named their top 10 breweries, top 10 beer names, and they awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals for each category.

You can find all of the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship results right here but I’ve included some of the more popular categories below along with the top breweries and beer names.

Top 10 Breweries
1. Deschutes Brewery – Oregon
2. Monday Night Garage – Georgia
3. Narrow Path Brewing – Ohio
4. Barnaby Brewing – Alaska
5. Reuben’s Brew Taproom – Washington
6. Amsterdam Brewing – Ontario
7. Big Sexy Brewing – California
8. Main & Six Brew Company – Florida
9. Spearfish Brewing – South Dakota
10. Wellington Brewery – Ontario

Top 10 Favorite Beer Names
1. Menace to Sobriety Stout – Hank Hudson Brewing – New York
2. Purple Floors and Dinosaurs IPA – Double Branch Brewing – Florida
3. Breaking Bud IPA – Knee Deep Brewing – California
4. Flavus Maximus Ale – Soul Fire Brewing – Texas
5. Straight Kick to the Scotch Ale – Urban Brew Labs – Illinois
6. Double Rogg Dare You – Gezellig Brewing – Iowa
7. Fog Eat Fog World Hazy DIPA – Slice Beer Company – California
8. I Don’t Give A Schnitzel Oktoberfest – de Bine Brewing Co. – Florida
9. Arrowmatic DIPA – Arrow Lodge Brewing – California
10. Tipsy Goat Bock – Oak Highlands Brewery – Texas
10. You’re Killin’ Me S’mores – Brewfinity Brewing – Wisconsin

Imperial IPA(DIPA)
Gold: Call of Lupulhu – Big Sexy Brewing – California
Silver: Phantom Forest – Madtree Brewing – Ohio
Bronze: Lupulin River – Knee Deep Brewing – California

Brown ale
Gold: County Brown – Wellington Brewery – Ontario
Silver: Boar Brown – Pig Pounder – North Carolina
Bronze: Ambivert Brown – Incendiary Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Perfect Sight – Third Eye Brewing – Ohio

Imperial Porter
Gold: – Black Eye Imperial Porter – Scratchtown Brewing – Nebraska
Silver: Capella Imperialized Porter – Ecliptic Brewing – Oregon
Bronze: Cinful Imperial Porter – American Harvest Brewpub – Michigan

Juicy or Hazy Strong Pale Ale
Gold: Fresh Hop Double Crush – Reuben’s Brews – Taproom Brewery – Washington
Silver: Alpha Abstraction, Vol. 14 – Wild Leap Brew Co. – Georgia
Bronze: Mind Haze – Firestone Walker Brewing – California
Bronze: Money Ca$h Haze – Knee Deep Brewing – California

American IPA
Gold: Thompson Island IPA – Thompson Island Brewing – Delaware
Silver: Mosaic IPA -Zipline Brewing – Nebraska
Bronze – Don’t Worry – Wormtown Brewery – Massachusetts

New England/Juicy DIPA
Gold: Purple Floors and Dinosaurs – Double Branch Brewing – Florida
Silver: Metaphase – Drekker Brewing – North Dakota
Bronze: Second Shift – Incendiary Brewing – North Carolina

Belgian Tripel
Gold: Tri-Kettle Tripel – Narrow Path Brewing – Ohio
Silver: JWR Trappist Style Trippel – Alexandria Brewing – Kentucky
Bronze: Tripel – White Street Brewing – North Carolina

Gold: Gose – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver: Gose In Your Mouth – Spider Bite Beer Company – New York
Bronze: Gose Like Swayze – Territorial Brewing – Michigan

Specialty Pale Ale
Gold: South Park Pale – South Park Brewing – California
Silver: Hot Streak – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming
Bronze: Sabro – Toms River Brewing – New Jersey

Specialty / Anything Goes
Gold: Kitchen Sink Breakfast Porter – Bayboro Brewing – Florida
Silver: You’re Killin’ Me S’mores – Brewfinity Brewing – Wisconsin
Bronze: Dreamcoat – Castle Island Brewing – Massachusetts

As a Floridian, I’m a bit ashamed that I’ve never heard of Oyster City Brewing but I’m already on their website and fully prepared to buy some merch because Apalachicola oysters are simply the best in existence and I miss them dearly these days. Also, to find that limited-release Guinness Imperial Ginger Bread Spice Stout I mentioned above you can click here to search for it on the ‘where to buy’ tool that Guinness has set up. For me, it’s my local TotalWine but it could be totally different for you.

There are a whole lot of names on this year’s list that I don’t recognize. And I only included a handful of the categories. You can check out all of the results right here.