3-Year-Old Drives A 986 HP Ferrari On A Race Track All By Himself For His 1 Million Followers

Ferrari SF-90 Stradale driven by 3-year-old


The closest most of us came to driving a car when we were little kids was if we were lucky enough to sit on a parent’s lap holding the wheel while our mom or dad actually did the driving.

Never in our wildest dreams did our parents ever think of just sticking us in the driver’s seat before we had even reached kindergarten and let us drive a car all by ourselves.

Flipping that way of thinking on its head today is Turkish motorcycle champion-turned-politician Kenan Sofuoglu and his three-year-old son Zayn Sofuoglu.

Amazingly, three-year-old Zayn, who has over a million followers on Instagram, actually drove the $500,000 supercar better than most of us would with that much horsepower under foot.

Obviously, the Ferrari’s interior had to be greatly modified to fit a three-year-old with a special car seat and extended pedals so his feet can reach the gas and brakes. That being said, Zayn Sofuoglu did work the paddle shifters all by himself, which right there would be an impediment from driving the car for many people.

Zayn’s Instagram account is filled with crazy videos like that.

Further proof of how much better the three-year-old is at driving than most adults is another video they shared of him pulling a lengthy trailer with three motorcycles and a jet-ski on it without hitting the curbs.

“How could he drive a Ferrari at 3 years old?” his dad asked in a previous Instagram post. “With this training!”

“Which company is making this new generation babies now??” someone commented on this next video of Zayn Sofuoglu maneuvering a trailer around tiny space that a majority of adults would be unable to complete.

If all of that isn’t enough to make you jealous of/dislike this kid, watch this…

He’s got to be some sort of secret advanced android, not a real 3-year-old, right?

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