The 50 Funniest Tweets And New Memes On The Internet Today

funny meme about memes


This roundup of the best new memes and funniest tweets was curated by yours truly to encompass the latest funny (and must-see) content on the Internet.

Countless hours every day are spent scouring the depths of the Internet for the funniest memes and viral tweets. Each day I publish a new ‘daily pic dump‘, as some call it, of the ‘best damn photos‘ on the Internet. Usually, there are 50 photos but sometimes there are more.

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The cold hard truth.

Zero chill.

50 Funniest Tweets And New Memes On The Internet Today

Don’t let this be your sign to throw that box away. Just hang onto it.

K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Stupid.

Important information that everyone should know.

It would definitely make it more fun.

Bro, I still drink this. And we had yellow and chocolate labs, not goldens.

The Koenigsegg Regera on its way to hit 400 km/h.


This might actually be a perfect sticker.

He’s out there.

Sign me up.


Bugatti’s ‘Grand Prix Bleu’ color is so nice.

Best to wait out this fitness fad and see what happens.


The meme’s not wrong.

To be fair, nobody looks cool wiping out.

You have questions? They have poop.

The Aspark Owl, fastest car in the land.

The wooooorst.

Who do they think they’re fooling?

Well, when you put it like that then sure, it is pretty weird.

Great power, great responsibility.

Just needs 15 seconds or less in the microwave.

I need a Ferrari, if just for the Summer. Like Hot Girl Summer but for me, Ferrari Summer.

Literally me last month when I got 2 nails in my tires.

Every. Single. Day.

Who bestowed this power upon her?!

And some fries.

Normalize taking enough time to get ready right instead of doing it in a hurry.

The Huracan Tecnica is out here showing off.

Who doesn’t love Dolly?

I got got.

Should be illegal.

The Vision EQXX is just incredible.

How is Superman’s cape stopping lava though? I’ve got questions.

What a catch!

I just officially got kicked off the family plan myself… Thanks, Netflix.

It’s a pretty lofty goal, to be perfectly honest.

Freshly caught Mutton Snapper.

It’s me. Hi, I’m the sleeper, it’s me.


Another awesome spearfishing catch.

The world needs this.

Step back.

Summer largemouth are the best.

100% going to come with this trailer hitch.

Nailed it.

Be that guy. Be he one who brings weird jokes into the world.

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