Who Needs 24 Straight Hours Of ‘A Christmas Story’ When You Can Watch This Amazing 60-Second Summary?

a christmas story summary


Last Friday, people across the United States woke up bright and early ready to throw blows at anyone who dared to come between them and a severely discounted pressure cooker, which is easily the most American way to ring in the holiday season.

I’m not super into assaulting strangers over retail goods but there are plenty of other Christmas traditions I look forward to each and every year, including:

  • Pretending I don’t have money on me when passing a Salvation Army bucket
  • Listening to Michael Bublé’s sultry take on “Santa Baby”
  • Trying to avoid hearing a single note of the crime against music that is “A Wonderful Christmastime”
  • Hoping I didn’t miss any obvious hints while struggling to shop for gifts for loved ones
  • Throwing peppermint schnapps into hot chocolate on principle

However, if I had to pick one part of the month I enjoy more than any other, the answer would be easy: Christmas movies.

I devote a sizeable chunk of my nights in December to getting my Christmas movie fix, having waited all year for the chance to watch the Muppets reenact a Charles Dickens classic and see Candace Cameron Bure play a girl from the big city who finds love in a small town in a Hallmark original I’ll watch without a single shred of irony.

However, there’s nothing I look forward to more than turning on TBS on Christmas Eve and watching A Christmas Story on repeat.

I’m far from the only person who’s a fan of this yearly tradition— so is Cool Dude Bro, our resident movie summarizer.

He recently took the time to sit down and give us a present in the form of one of his always hilarious 60-second recaps and it’s safe to say Christmas has come early this year.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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