Aaron Carter Breaks Up With Girlfriend After She Was Arrested For Domestic Violence (Same GF He Has A Face Tattoo Of)

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Aaron Carter breaks up with his girlfriend Melanie Martin after she was arrested for domestic violence, single says he is single on Instagram.

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Nearly three weeks ago, I wrote an article titled “Aaron Carter Gets Large Face Tattoo Dedicated To His Instagram Model Girlfriend Because That Always Ends Well.” I don’t want to be the “I Told You So” guy, especially when it comes at such serious accusations, but Aaron Carter, I told you so.

Aaron Carter broke up with his girlfriend of three months, Melanie Martin. Hard to believe, I know. It makes you really question if “true love” exists. Apparently, Melanie physically attacked Aaron. TMZ posted photos of the scratches that Melanie inflicted on Carter. You really don’t know somebody until you’re quarantined with them for a few weeks.

TMZ reported that the “L.A. County Sheriff’s Department was called to Aaron’s Lancaster home around 11 PM Sunday night for a domestic violence call. We’re told there was a verbal spat between Aaron and Melanie and at some point it got physical.”

Carter alleges that Martin “literally chocked me out…. i’m devastated.”

Police officers determined that Martin was the aggressor because Carter had scratches on him. She was arrested on felony domestic violence charges. Martin was held on a $50,000 bail and released on Monday.

The couple became Instagram official in January, and only weeks ago, Carter got a large face tattoo on his forehead right above his eyebrow that reads “Melanie” in cursive.

That seems regrettable. I guess a tattoo artist could change “Melanie” into “Melanization.”

To make matters worse, Melanie told Carter that she’s pregnant right before she was arrested. Carter said, “I think she’s lying.”

On Instagram, Aaron Carter declared that he is “single.” “A bachelor’s life is no life for a single man. #Single.”

On Twitter, Aaron Carter said he “added a bunch of new content on only fans make sure to subscribe.” The tweet included a photo of his junk. Are people paying for photos of Aaron Carter on OnlyFans?

A more important question, when is getting the face tattoo of his girlfriend’s name removed? And is tattoo-removal deemed “essential” in a pandemic? If not, is getting a tattoo of your ex’s name on your face removed an emergency? Seems pretty important.


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