Aaron Carter Gets Large Face Tattoo Dedicated To His Instagram Model Girlfriend Because That Always Ends Well

Aaron Carter gets large face tattoo dedicated to his Instagram model girlfriend Melanie Martin.

Getty Image / Gabriel Olsen / Contributor

Are Aaron Carter and Amanda Bynes having a competition on which child star can get the worst face tattoo? Amanda Bynes has her heart face tattoo and now Aaron Carter got a new face tattoo dedicated to his girlfriend of only three months.

On January 5th, Aaron announced that he was dating Melanie Martin.


Martin is an Instagram model that says she has a “100 percent Bulgarian booty bitch.”


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Things have gotten very serious between Aaron and Melanie. They are traveling to Amsterdam, driving off-road together, and she has even woken Aaron up from a nap and he wasn’t mad. True love exists!




Now, Carter has upped the ante. The pop singer got a large face tattoo dedicated to Melanie. Carter got a face tattoo on his forehead right above his eyebrow that reads “Melanie” in cursive. Aaron’s L.A. hair colorist Brandon Peach debuted Carter’s romantic face tattoo on Instagram.

Yikes. This won’t age well to infinity.

[protected-iframe id=”ef884121d845a79053f2673d30475551-97886205-93291949″ info=”https://giphy.com/embed/pde619DiwXcaY” width=”480″ height=”246″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]


I guess the right tattoo artist could change “Melanie” into “Melanization.”

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This new ink comes months after Aaron Carter got a huge tattoo of a Rihanna-like Medusa on the left side of his face, despite his tattoo artist trying to talk him out of getting the huge face ink.

In October Carter got a massive neck tattoo, he also has the word “love” on his left cheek, and a moon and stars on his temple.

Let’s see if Melanie matches Carter’s dedication and she gets a large face tattoo that says “Aaron.” Good luck to the couple.



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