Poor news anchor drops f-bomb seconds into first broadcast, gets suspended

AJ Clemente was fired up to do his first news anchor gig on Bismarck, N.D.’s KFYR. And then he didn’t realize the camera was on. And then he cursed twice and stumbled through his intro. And now he’s suspended.

A statement from the station’s news director posted to the channel’s Facebook page reads:

To all of you who are writing in…I want to apologize for an incident that occurred prior to our early newscast this evening, when one of our employees used profanity on the air.

He did not realize his microphone was on, but still, that’s no excuse. WE train our reporters to always assume that any microphone is live at any time. Unfortunately, that was not enough in this case. WE can’t take back what was said. The person involved has been suspended until we resolve the situation. All we can do at this point is ask for your forgiveness, and I can offer my personal assurance that I will do my best to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again under my watch.

Monica Hannan, KFYR-TV News Director

Not exactly sure what there is to resolve. Guy was nervous, didn’t realize the camera was on, cursed twice. He went to college in a place where they have the word “Fuckin'” proudly emblazoned on t-shirts. Give a guy a chance, Monica.


That look on his face when he realizes the camera’s on. Classic AJ.

11:54 a.m. UPDATE: And news about AJ Clemente’s future just hit.