Fact-Checking Policy | BroBible

BroBible Fact-Checking Policy

At BroBible, our writers and editors understand the importance of our words and their impact. We care about writing factually correct and non-misleading content, headlines and URLs. Our team always seeks to verify all facts of a story before publishing it. And, in the event of an error, we make the necessary edits and announcements to correct our mistake. In general, our writers conduct their own fact-checking using their best judgment and information. If concerns about the facts of a particular piece of content arise, a senior member of our editorial staff is brought in to review the content prior to publishing it online. Any piece of content that is not deemed up to our standards by one or more editors is subject to further revision and review before being released for publication.

If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on BroBible, we will reach out directly to the person(s) who made the claim and ask for additional information to support their claim. We might also contact other individuals and organizations who could have more information regarding the claim. To notify us of a fact-checking error on a piece of content, send us an email at editor@brobible.com. A member of our editorial team will review and verify the claim prior to making any edits to the post in question.