Amazon Is Offering Free Delivery On Beer And Wine In Some Very Lucky Cities

beer bottles on ipad tablet


We currently live in a world where you could theoretically never leave the safety of your home (with the exception of picking up packages outside your door) and still have basically everything you’ll ever need in life. However, casual agoraphobia comes at a price, as you’ll usually have to pay a bit of a premium in order to have someone else take care of your every whim and need.

Despite living within walking distance of basically anything I could ever want, that hasn’t stopped me from heavily relying on various apps and websites to conserve calories in case I ever need them in the event of a worldwide famine. However, despite plenty of people trying to corner the alcohol delivery market, the markup and related fees are usually enough to motivate me to walk a few blocks to the liquor store.

Thankfully, one company has set out to correct the problem in their quest for world domination: Amazon. Based on the number of Amazon Fresh boxes clogging the halls of my apartment building, the company’s foray into the grocery delivery game has gone pretty well. As a result, they’re expanding their horizons and offering to bring you wine and craft beer without charging you for the delivery.

Jeff Bezos’ behemoth is testing out the service in over a dozen locations where thirsty Prime users will have the option to pick from hundreds of different bottles filled with various types of booze (you have to download the Prime Now app or visit the website to use it, which, at least based on my experience, is the ultimate gateway drug when it comes to retail abuse). All you have to do is enter your zip code to see if it’s available in your area.

May God have mercy on our livers.