NASA Scientists Locked Inside A Capsule In Moscow Have No Clue Russia Started A War And Won’t Find Out For Months

2 Americans In A Capsule In Moscow Have No Clue Russia Started A War

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  • Two Americans are currently participating in a joint NASA and IMBP experiment and they are locked and sealed in isolation inside a Soviet-era capsule in Moscow
  • The US State Department suggested all Americans leave Russia immediately but these two have no idea Russia attacked Ukraine and started a war and they won’t find out until July
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The US State Department issued a warning on Sunday for all United States citizens currently in Russia to leave immediately. Two Americans didn’t get that memo. These two are participating in a joint NASA and IMBP experiment where they are isolated and locked inside a capsule located in a Soviet-era building in Moscow and they will continue to be isolated from the outside world until July.

This is eerily reminiscent of when Jared Leto emerged from a 2-week silent meditation retreat to find out that the world had completely changed at the onset of the pandemic. If you haven’t seen Jared Leto tell that story on Fallon you can see that clip here.

It is assumed these two Americans in Moscow have no clue that Russia attacked nearby Ukraine and started an unprovoked war that’s being condemned by the entire world. Moscow is only about 304 miles from the Ukrainian border (490 kilometers). Can you imagine being locked in isolation and have no clue that there’s a brutal war unfolding just 300 miles away?!

Why Are There 2 Americans From NASA In A Sealed Capsule In Moscow?

NASA announced they selected four Americans for the ‘Ground-Based Simulation of Life in Space’ experiment. Two of those American citizens who were selected, William Brown and Ashley Kowalski, were then selected to participate in the final experiment.

This began when the Americans and Russians entered the sealed capsule back in November and they are expected to stay in there for at least 8 months. Meaning they wouldn’t emerge until July at the earliest… Since the basis of this experiment is ‘isolation’, the participants are only aware of the outside world via letters that get uploaded to a secure server. Other than that, they’re only in contact with each other.

Here is the listed purpose of this experiment on NASA’s website:

NASA has selected crew members for a spaceflight simulation study in which a multinational crew of six people will live together in isolation for eight months in Moscow, Russia. The crew will experience various aspects of social isolation and confinement during the simulation. By studying crew interactions, health, and physiology during confinement, NASA researchers will advance development of methods and technologies to mitigate and counteract potential related problems on future spaceflight missions.

This experiment/simulation is part of a larger program known as the ‘Scientific International Research In a Unique terrestrial Station program’ which goes by SIRIUS. You can find a full rundown of the experiment here. The participants are currently in stage 3 of the project (3 of 5) which involves 8 months of isolation inside this NASA module locked and isolated within a Soviet-era building in Moscow:

Because the two Americans have some tiny degree of contact with the outside world via letters uploaded to the secure server it’s possible they have some indication of what’s going on. An article in the New York Post mentions a friend of Nathan Crane who was in contact with Nathan (last week) prior to Russia attacking and invading Ukraine.

The friend told the Daily Mail that Nathan is ‘aware of it likely happening’. The key word there being ‘likely’ and not actually knowing a war erupted 300 miles away. And it’s possible these participants remain in the dark about Russia starting an unprovoked war until they emerge from their biodome at some point in July.

For more on this developing story, you can read this article on the New York Post.

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