Antonio Brown Has Predictably Injected Himself Into The Myles Garrett/Mason Rudolph Drama

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Because of course he did! The only natural conclusion of NFL drama these days is that Antonio Brown is somehow involved. Just wait until he shows up to Colin Kaepernick’s “workout” (wink wink) on Saturday with a shaved head and Gucci cleats. Just WAIT.

For those who have been so insanely hungover this morning that the only thing they’ve been able to think about thus far is surviving the day, here’s a quick little recap: shit got real in the Browns/Steelers game last night.

In the closing moments of the game, Steelers QB Mason Rudolph apparently sack tapped Myles Garrett, who then went absolutely Crazytown on everyone and ripped off Rudolph’s helmet to swing it at him. It was an ugly scene and many people are mad online.

But that’s not the point. The point is that because Garrett took a 4th quarter trip to Crazytown, it’s only a matter of time until the mayor himself shows up: Antonio Brown.

Never one to pass up the opportunity for attention, Antonio Brown did what he does best these days — Tweet! — to inject himself into the middle of the controversy. Not one who has ever been known for his ability to read the mood of the situation, Brown tweeted a photo of his own violent in-game incident: that time he kicked Browns punter Spencer Lanning in the facemask! Hilarious! Haha!

Good one, AB. You fucking crushed dude. I’m sure everyone at the Steelers facility is chuckling away at your slick wit and admiring your team comradery and are thinking to themselves, “you know what, let’s sign AB! Mr. Big Chest! He’ll save us!” I’m sure that’s exactly what’s going down. Way to go, mission accomplished.

Anyway, obviously rational NFL minds were having none of AB’s humor, as future Hall of Famer and former Cleveland Brown Joe Thomas said that NFL players “need to be better”:

While the NFL has yet to announce Garrett’s punishment, many are expecting him to be finished for the year.


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