Ben Affleck, The Absolute King That He Is, Quoted His OWN Movie In His Wedding Speech

Ben Affleck Quoted His OWN Movie In His Wedding Speech

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I think I’ve written about Ben Affleck more than any other actor during my three-plus years at BroBible. Not only is he one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood but his personal life is arguably more dramatic and entertaining. This is a man who’s been famous for about 25 years and has had, like, three career falls-and-rises during that time.

From apparently hand-picking Emily Ratajkowski to appear (in a very sexual role) in Gone Girl, to being homies with fellow A-lister Matt Damon to dating the likes of Ana de Armas and J. Lo, there seems to *always* be something going on in Ben Affleck’s life. Then, on the side — ya know, when he feels like it — he’ll direct a Best Picture winner and suit up as Batman.

Jennifer Lopez says that Ben Affleck quoted his own movie (Live By Night) during his wedding reception speech

And this latest Affleck-centric headline is certainly a case-in-point, as reports indicate that the 50-year-old actor, the absolute king that he is, apparently quoted his OWN movie during his wedding reception speech following his marriage to Jennifer Lopez.

The line: “This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now.” Lopez called it “one of my favorite lines that Ben wrote from a movie he directed called Live By Night,” she revealed in her “On the JLo” newsletter. “He also said it the night of our wedding reception in his speech, and I thought… how perfect.” [via Uproxx]

Never heard of Live By Night? That’s because of the four feature films that Affleck has directed — Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argoand this — Live By Night is the only one that’s considered to be a true misfire, as it made just $23 million at the box office and has just a 34% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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As for the next time we’ll see our king Slick Benny on the big screen, he’s set to appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash as Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2013. He’s also directing a film about the founding of Nike, which he co-wrote with Matt Damon. The pair will be starring in the film, which began production earlier this summer, as Phil Knight and Sonny Vaccaro.

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