Expert Drops Truth Bombs On How To Score International Flights For Cheap

by 1 year ago
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Where do you go when you search for flights? I’m 50/50 between my credit card’s travel service and Kayak, depending on where I’m headed. More often than not I’ll hit up Kayak first to find the flight and then I’ll head over to my credit card’s travel service to get the extra points, or I’ll book directly through the airline to get the extra points. Apparently, I’m doing it all wrong when it comes to saving on international flights.

Scott Keyes is the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, a website dedicated to helping people score cheap international flights. He recently hopped on camera with Business Insider Video to discuss the biggest mistake that most people make when booking international flights, a mistake I’m guilty of myself.

Scott Keyes’ biggest piece of advice? To use the local versions of travel websites. He uses South Africa as an example and says that if you were to use the in-country version of instead of the actual you are likely to see a drastically different price because locals will often expect a different price point.

He does go on to say that in extremely rare conditions you’ll find a flight that says the fare is specific to only citizens of that nation. Scott says it’s extremely rare but if you do see it then it’ll usually be in Ecuador or Peru. In those instances, flights are a different price for Ecuadorians than they’ll be for international citizens. So this is something to be mindful of when using this advice to book cheap international flights.

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