Diaries Of The Rich And Famous: The 46 Most Lavish, Ludicrous And LOL Celebrity Instagrams Today

We feel you Emilia, we feel you.

Every day dozens and dozens of celebrities share pictures, videos, jokes, gear and other goodies to their Instagram accounts. There is literally so much going on with so many people that there’s almost no way the average bro can keep tabs on it all. So, because we care, we do it for you so you can waste your time at work, at home or wherever you may be in a much more efficient manner. After all, if you’re going to be wasting time, you want to do it right.

Here are the best celebrity Instagram posts we saw on the internet today…

Off to Dolphins camp he goes…LOL.

Iron Fist and Daredevil on tour.

Chrissy Teigen wins boomerang of the day.

Chris Rock with the excellent photobomb.

Mechad Brooks’ life does not suck.

Neither does Mick Jagger’s.

Nor does Terrell Davis’ life.

Or Cristiano Ronaldo’s.

Christie Brinkley’s life ain’t too bad either.

Anthony Bourdain’s life doesn’t suck either.

Usain Bolt, still the GOAT.

John Wall’s got style.

Damn right he’s back.

Evangeline Lilly says her guns are Wasp ready.

LeAnn Rimes took some target practice.

Yondu’s got guns.

Liam Hemsworth has a very good dog.

Eva Longoria also has a very good dog.

Sasha Cohen has a very good view.

Olivia Munn hung out with Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan.

Ray Lewis hung out with Eddie George.

These two…

Ed Helms got to sing at a Braves game.

Jewel’s ‘family homestead’ seems nice.

Carla Gugino found Elizabeth Berkley!

This is how I like to spend my Sundays too.

Celebrities are always at the freaking beach.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in Peru…drinking Starbucks?

When only your top half is being photographed.

Another day, another celeb living a better life than us.

The rough life of a professional model.

Very rough life.

Caity Lotz works out.

Stephen Colbert however?


Anyone remember this?

What a life this guy leads.

This guy’s life ain’t too shabby either.

Sir Patrick Stewart seems to be enjoying Venice.

I still can’t even…

Today’s celebrity words of wisdom…