Bob Odenkirk Has Identified Which ‘Better Call Saul’ Episode Was Being Made When He Had His Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk Reveals Episode Being Made When He Had Heart Attack


Last summer, the pop culture world held its collective breath as reports came in that beloved Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk had suffered a heart attack while filming the sixth and final season of Saul out in New Mexico.

Luckily, Odenkirk not only survived the heart attack but he made a full recovery and was back shooting Better Call Saul five weeks later.

During a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter following *yet another* Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series (he better win this time as it’s his final shot as Saul Goodman), Odenkirk discussed how he’s feeling now (very good!) and which episode they were filming at the time of the heart attack: the one that will air next Monday on July 18.

Bob Odenkirk says the July 18 episode of Better Call Saul is the one they were filming when he had a heart attack

“I feel very good. I’m in great shape. I’m gonna go to a workout right now!” Odenkirk told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I didn’t go back to shoot for five weeks. I had a five-week break to recover. And then when I went back, we limited our shooting to 12-hour days… And so they took care of me and I was able to do it, and hopefully you can’t tell when I had the heart attack and when I didn’t. Next week is the scene where I have the heart attack. And probably about three quarters of the scene was shot before I had the heart attack, the day of the heart attack, and then the other quarter scene was after.”

The final five episodes of Better Call Saul will hit AMC over the next five Mondays, finally concluding with the series finale on August 15. If you haven’t caught up, absolutely do so as soon as possible because the series is firing on all cylinders right now, as evidenced by the return of the now-iconic “It wasn’t me! It was Ignacio!” line in the most recent episode.

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