TV Fans Were Awed By Bryan Cranston’s Performance In The Final Season Of ‘Better Call Saul’

'Better Call Saul' Fans Loved Bryan Cranston's Performance In The Finale


After looming over the series like a lung cancer-riddled storm on the horizon, Bryan Cranston’s legendary Walter White finally made his Better Call Saul debut in the sixth and final season of the hit prequel series by appearing in a couple of episodes down the stretch.

Warning: this article will include spoilers for “Saul Gone”, the series finale of Better Call Saul

Having first appeared a few weeks ago in the third-to-last episode — conveniently titled “Breaking Bad” — as the season two, rookie drug dealing version of Walter White, Cranston again returned as Heisenberg for one last scene in the Better Call Saul finale.

Only this time, it was as the ranting, raving, borderline deranged version of the infamous meth kingpin we see in the final episodes of Breaking Bad following the death of Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez.

Given that Cranston has been wowing audiences as Walter White for over a decade now, you’d think the novelty of his performance would have worn off by now. But it hasn’t. Cranston remains as mesmeric as ever as White, as evidenced by what could be his final time playing the part in “Saul Gone.”

Breaking Bad fans were amazed by Bryan Cranston’s performance as Walter White in the Better Call Saul finale

If the Better Call Saul finale was truly the last hour that television fans get to spend in the Breaking Bad universe, its certainly a worthy send-off as the episode was not only emotionally and narratively satisfying, but it included appearances from Cranston’s White, Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler, Johnathan Banks’ Mike Ehrmantraut, Betsy Brandt’s Marie Schrader, and Michael McKean’s Chuck McGill.

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