Please Explain This Bird Hovering Motionless In Mid-Air Because It Sure Looks Like There’s Been A Glitch In The Matrix

Bird Hovering Motionless In Mid-Air Caught On Facebook Video


On Monday, we leaned about a mind-blowing new theory regarding aliens that while unprovable (at the moment), certainly would explain all the recent UFO sightings and how aliens, who aren’t really aliens, could be living amongst us unnoticed.

Today, we have evidence that there is something very odd going on in Gallup, New Mexico that requires some serious explanation from people with higher government clearance than us.

A video shared on Facebook by a woman named Kayleen Bowman appears to show a bird hovering in mid-air completely motionless with its wings extended.

“The other morning Jay was taking Lilly to school,” Bowman wrote. “Lilly said, ‘Look that bird is frozen!’

“Jay stopped the car to see what she meant. They saw this crow ‘frozen’ in the sky. Looks like it was in the middle of flapping its wings.

“Jay said you can see the beak moving. This still boggles my mind. What do you think?”

Now I have watched the video way more times than I probably should have, and for the life of me, I cannot tell how this was done. Because if you look at the lower right corner of the video you can see that the camera is being moved and yet the bird… is not. Perhaps the reason for this is so obvious that I am just overlooking it. Lil help?


Commenters on the video offered several possible explanations including…

“Portal? 5g messing with the birds? Prof [sic] we live in a giant bubble?”

“Exe.spybird has stopped working.” And “Looks like theres a glitch in the matrix.”

Bowman said that after she saw the video she “couldn’t believe it when they told me but after I saw the video, I didn’t know what to think.”

Others wondered why they didn’t get out of the car, throw something at it, or shoot a close-up video of the bird. All very, very valid questions.

According to Bowman, “This is by the train tracks in Gallup when you’re heading south. Right next to the lumber place I think. I forgot what those buildings are called next to Cash Cow furniture.”

So if you’re ever in the area you might want to have your tin foil hat handy. Just sayin’…

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