New Documentary Provides A Very Strong Argument That Aliens Exist And Are Living Among Us

New Documentary The Phenomenon Provides Strong Argument Aliens Exist


Everyone agrees that extraterrestrial aliens are real, right? RIGHT? Okay, so, all we need is for someone, anyone to actually prove it or for the United States government to finally admit it.

Until then it’s up to us regular folk to keep forging on, investigating and questioning everything.

Thankfully, people like those over at 1091 Media have our backs by researching and producing eye-openers like the upcoming film The Phenomenon, “the first high-production-value documentary to assemble the pieces of the UFO puzzle into a startling, up-to-the-minute picture, peering into 70 years of history right up to fresh discoveries that challenge everything we think we know.”

Releasing in theaters nationwide in September, The Phenomenon, directed by James Fox and narrated by legendary actor Peter Coyote, “opens by proving there is a shocking ‘hidden history’ that began in the late Forties and Fifties, when fleets of UFOs appeared in the skies over nearly every state in the U.S., culminating in a flyover of Washington D.C.”

The rest of the film will unveil “never-before-seen archival footage” and feature new interviews with eyewitnesses, experts and officials including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid – who producers claim arranged secret government funding of UFO study programs, White House Chief of Staff for Clinton and advisor to Obama John Podesta, former U.S. Energy Secretary and New Mexico governor Bill Richardson – who believes it is likely that an alien spaceship did, in fact, crash in Roswell, and many more insiders.

“Twenty-five years into investigating unidentified aerial phenomena, I’m faced with the unavoidable fact they’re real, they’re global, and we’re potentially dealing with a form of consciousness that shares our world and impacts our lives in powerful ways,” the film’s director says about the project in a press release. “Our team has assembled the most compelling testimony and evidence from around the world that will lead even the most ardent skeptics to the inescapable conclusion that we are not alone.”

Take a sneak peek at The Phenomenon and learn more about what to expect from the film in its first trailer below.

With people like those at 1091 Media on our side, it’s just a matter of time before all the UFO and alien secrets that have been withheld for decades are revealed because, as we are well aware…

the truth is out there


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