Former Head Of MI6, Who’s Allegedly Part Of A Secret Global Conspiracy On UFOs, Says He Believes Aliens Do Exist

Former Head Of Britains MI6 Believes Extraterrestrial Aliens DO Exist


From November 2009 to November 2014, Sir John Sawers, 64, was Britain’s top spy, serving as Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). He also says he believes that we are not alone in the universe, i.e. extraterrestrial aliens are real.

“I think it would be extraordinary if in an infinite solar system that planet Earth was unique,” Sawers said at the October Digital Transformation EXPO in London. “I think we should go forward on the assumption that nothing on this planet is unique.”

If anyone would know, he certainly would.

One, he was the head of one of the biggest spy agencies in the world. And two, Sawers is allegedly part of a secret global conspiracy on UFOs.

You have to go back to 2007, but Sawers was identified as part of this conspiracy, along with the Papal Nuncio to the United Nations, by French aviation expert Gilles Lorant in a pre-interview discussion with a French radio journalist.

Lorant also revealed, according to (via, the UFO conspiracy was being run out of the United Nations General Assembly where secret meetings discussing UFO sightings have allegedly been being held.

Former Head Of Britains MI6 Believes Extraterrestrial Aliens DO Exist


Lorant revealed that one and a half hours of the meetings was [sic] devoted to discussion of recent UFO sightings, and that agreement was reached to develop an official policy of “openness” to UFO reports in 2009 provided two conditions were met. Peace and stability in democratic nations was the first. The second condition was that UFO sightings would continue at present levels.

The secret meetings attended by Lorant involved 40 representatives of 28 member states. Lorant further claimed that depending on the official status of the meetings, a report may be officially released by the end of March to member nations that could not attend.

Lorant’s revelations concerning the UN’s secret meetings that included a discussion of UFO’s indicates an official effort to coordinate international policies in response to an unprecedented number of UFO sightings in 2007/2008. For example, a parliamentary question raised about UFO sightings in Japan, led to Shigeru Ishiba, Japan’s Defense Minister, publicly stating, on December 20, official Japanese defense policy in the event that extraterrestrial vehicles appeared over Japanese airspace.

He claimed that if no hostile intent was displayed, the Japanese Defense Force would not militarily engage with extraterrestrial visitors. Ishiba’s statement is one of the few public policy statements released on possible responses to extraterrestrial visitors by a major nation.

On top of all that…

Lorant’s credibility as a witness was recently supported by the President of the Federation European Airplane, Michel Ribardiere, who released a statement supporting Lorant’s version of events. Also a respected French expert in UFO sightings, Gildas Bourdais has publicly vouched for Lorant’s credibility as a witness.

I keep telling you…

the truth is out there


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