UFO Expert Says He Has ‘100% Proof’ That Aliens Currently Live In A ‘City’ On Our Moon

UFO Expert Has Proof That Aliens Live On Our Moon


You know all those other abundantly credible reports we’ve shared in the past about aliens and UFO sightings? Like the one earlier this week about a red triangular craft that was recorded hovering in the Texas sky in perhaps the “clearest ufo footage” ever? Or that one about a Top Gun Navy pilot who described his incredible UFO encounter? Or that one last week about a strange “fleet” of 14 glowing UFOs that was spotted and caught on camera off the coast of North Carolina?

Yeah, well, those are all old news. The new UFO slash alien hotness right now comes to us from UFO and extraterrestrial hunter Scott Waring who has gone to painstaking lengths to prove that there is an “alien city” in an archived NASA photo of the Moon’s poles. Or as he puts it in his article’s headline: “100% Proof That Aliens Currently Live On Our Moon.”

100 PERCENT, PEOPLE. That’s VERY definitive. Pay attention.

“These alien structures are almost impossible to see, yet they are there,” says Waring, who goes on to prove his discovery by adding “a bit of shadows and the building’s shape and surface became visible.”

UFO Expert Says He Has Proof That Aliens Live On Our Moon


After adding the shadows, Waring points out something that is “like a giant alien air vent, leading to an alien base below the ground. It is not an air vent, of course, but is more likely a doorway.”

Of course. Duh.

“Or it could be an entrance to some sort of space port,” he adds.


“When we imagine an alien city, we see structures like our own, but in 1 million or even 1 billion years are humans really going to make such structures or are we going to change everything about them?” Waring asked on his website. “Well, thats [how] technology evolves with a species. I mean it wasn’t long ago that the world once thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth.”

Needless to say, many of Waring’s YouTube followers were very impressed.

[protected-iframe id=”15f6ef7acea5b3fded0a9b5e8283a43a-97886205-92827192″ info=”https://giphy.com/embed/l2JHZkNAJMTYCQRhe” width=”640″ height=”370″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]

“You RULE Dude!!! Our Space Force has barracks “somewhere”?!! Seriously tho’…the aliens mine H3 for fusion reactors. I think,” wrote Petro Phishhed.

Viewer George Mair concurred, “An amazing find Scott it looks like a giant city of some sort? Definitely intelligently made structures?”

Don’t believe him? Take a look for yourself and always remember…

the truth is out there


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