UFO Seen By 100+ People Hovering In The California Sky For Five Minutes Sparks Alien Concerns

UFO spotted hovering in California sky


Every day we get closer to the truth, people. Now we have a report that over 100 people witnessed a huge UFO hovering silently over Menifee, California before speeding off into the sky.

Footage of this latest phenomenon first appeared on the internet in a video on December 3rd. The clip has since been viewed over 158,000 times on YouTube.

“Over 100 witnesses seen [sic] this giant craft flying over Menifee, California,” the video’s description reads. “This craft or crafts made no noise, whatsoever. At one point, the huge UFO was hovering in the same spot for more than five minutes before it speeds off into the night sky.”

“What in the f**k is that?” asks one witness in the video.

“They are so high in the sky, they can’t be drones, they’re tiny, but that’s…” said another. “Dude, we’re all gonna die.”

“This is real. I saw those exact same lights off the coast of Venice Beach California around midnight,” wrote one commenter on the video. “Almost blinded me even though they were so far away. We are not alone.”

“Skeptics are immediately claiming this is a fake but you all forget, they are saying there are over 100 witnesses,” wrote another. “My brother saw one like this in Mesa a few years back. He’s a very logical psychologist.”

“You can get 10 drones, sync them together and control them all at once to look like one entity.
I’m not stupid Military, you aren’t fooling me,” someone else commented.

Many called the video a hoax or gave some “logical” explanation for it, but as another commenter wrote, “UFO activity is increasing so fast! The world is gonna get a big wake up call.”


Always remember…

the truth is out there


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