A Stationary UFO Recorded In The South Carolina Sky Sparks Secret Government Surveillance Theory

Stationary UFO In South Carolina Sparks Government Surveillance Theory


Fresh off news that the former head of MI6 John Sawers, who’s allegedly part of a secret global conspiracy on UFOs, saying he believes aliens do exist, comes yet another report of a mysterious unidentified flying object being spotted in the sky over South Carolina.

The video, recorded by Kymberleigh Jordan and shared by Nick Thomas TV, shows what looks like two crafts in the sky. One appears to be stationary while the other, while the other is presumed by at least one viewer to be “a government ‘spotter plane’ sent to investigate a potential UFO,” according to a report by the Charlotte Observer.

Video of a comet-like object reportedly seen over South Carolina has found its way to YouTube, resulting in a growing number of conspiracy theories about secret government surveillance of UFOs.

It shows something streaking across the sky, but the object appears to be stationary. Meanwhile, what seems to be a passing aircraft flies behind it, and their white trails cross about one minute into the video.

“Saw this on a drive in South Carolina. I have never seen anything like it before and would really like to know if anyone else knows what this is?” wrote Jordan in the video’s description. “I’ve seen falling stars, and they light up and disappear really fast. This object was moving, but barely. You can’t even tell it is moving in this video but it was moving downward very slowly. Another thing, if you look very closely you can see it is an object. There is an “eye” in this “comet.” And why did the plane travel behind it instead of in front? Does that mean it is in our atmosphere and that plane directly passed that object? I have so many questions.”

Nick Thomas, an expert on doomsday planet Nibiru, AKA Planet X, states in his analysis of the video that what he sees is “the planet with wings in the Nemesis System headed toward Earth.”

Makes sense. After all, who are we to argue with an expert?

Other comments on the video included speculation that it was space debris, a comet, a meteorite, a rocket on re-entry, one of the signs Christ warned us about, or just something as boring as a contrail illuminated by the sunlight.

Not everyone who watched the video agreed with Thomas, however, but as we are all well aware by now…

the truth is out there


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