Top Researchers Claim US Military Is Covering Up Their Own Super Advanced Aircraft By Making People Believe It Is A UFO

UFO experts at the YouTube channel Thirdphaseofmoon believe the UFOs seen during the USS Nimitz incident are actually top-secret U.S. military aircraft.

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The USS Nimitz UFO incident from 2004 was one of the most credible UFO sightings of all-time. There is now a conspiracy theory that suggests that the unidentified flying object seen in the Navy’s footage of the peculiar event was not a UFO, but rather a state-of-the-art U.S. military aircraft. Now, top UFO researchers have come forward to sign off on the hypothesis that the UFO wasn’t a UFO, but a military craft with abilities the likes humans have never seen.

Remember, the Navy identified UFOs flying over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego at least two weeks before Top Gun Navy pilot Commander David Fravor and three other F/A-18 Hornet pilots investigated the strange craft. Then the Navy instructed the pilots to investigate the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) off the coast of California. Soon, the Navy pilots spotted the white Tic-Tac-shaped aircraft, attempted to get a closer look and the unknown object zoomed away in seconds. The extremely capable F/A-18 Hornets were left in the dust.

“Sometimes they’d be at an altitude of 80,000 or 60,000 feet. Other times they’d be around 30,000 feet, going like 100 knots,” former Petty Officer 3rd Class Gary Voorhis said. “Their radar cross-sections didn’t match any known aircraft; they were 100 percent red. No squawk, no IFF (Identification Friend or Foe).”

Some people believe that the UFO the pilots witnessed was not an alien spaceship, but rather a human-created aircraft with capabilities that have never been seen. One of those people is top UFO researchers Blake and Brent Cousins, who is behind the extremely popular Thirdphaseofmoon YouTube channel.

The UFO-hunting account has over 754,000 subscribers and more than 285 million views. “Our goal is simple: We speak with UFO EYEWITNESSES from around the globe, including on the ground reporting, interviews with Experts, Scientists, Astronauts, ETC,” the Thirdphaseofmoon channel explains.

The video of the 2004 UFO encounter with Navy fighter jets didn’t get leaked until 2017. Former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLonge started his UFO investigative organization named To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science. They were the first to access and release the Nimitz UFO footage as well as other UFO sightings.

In August, the U.S. Navy finally admitted that the UFO encounter from the USS Nimitz was real.

Blake Cousins believes that the aircraft seen in the Nimitz tapes is not a UFO from a distant galaxy, but rather a top-secret military aircraft. The UFO expert suspects that the United States government is hoping that the public believes that the aircraft is an alien UFO. The military frantically attempted a major coverup to keep their one-of-a-kind aircraft under wraps so that other countries don’t find out the potential of the U.S. military.

Cousins explains that the U.S. military purposely designated the UFO in the Nimitz video as unidentified aerial phenomena, to cause the public to believe the craft isn’t an aircraft but something else from outer space.

“It took them two years to finally come forward and admit these things in the skies are doing things that they can’t explain,” Cousins told the Daily Star. “I think they came forward and admitted that they can’t explain it, admit disclosure, as part of the cover-up.”

“It could be a tactic just to say, ‘Look at the Tic-Tac’ and not worry about what else we have in our assets,” Cousins said. “Who knows what else they have in their assets? The Tic-Tac, in that sense, is not very threatening.”

Blake believes that the government has many more videos, but is hiding them from the public. “In my opinion, they have much more footage that they’re not showing – they’re just giving us the tip of the iceberg and what they’ve actually captured,” Blake theorized. “Will we see more of these videos? They’re testing a lot of them in my opinion.” Could this be why there have been an explosion of UFO sightings in the U.S. in 2019?

“There are only three blurry videos from the Navy, and they’re allowing their pilots to say that whatever these things are they can’t explain and are doing these maneuvers,” Blake continued. “In my opinion, the Tic-Tac is one of ours.”

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Petty Officer Patrick “PJ” Hughes, who was on the USS Nimitz, claimed that his commanding officer and two unknown individuals approached him. “They were not on the ship earlier, and I didn’t see them come on. I’m not sure how they got there,” Hughes said of the two men.

Hughes’ commanding officers ordered him to handover the E-2 hard drives that had data on the UFO sighting. “We put them in the bags, he took them, then he and the two anonymous officers left,” Hughes claims.

Voorhis, who was on the USS Princeton, said unidentified men flew in on the ship via a helicopter. “These two guys show up on a helicopter, which wasn’t uncommon, but shortly after they arrived, maybe 20 minutes, I was told by my chain of command to turn over all the data recordings for the AEGIS system,” Voorhis alleges.

“I just knew they were there for a reason, to do something they have to do, and just stay the hell out of their way,” said Ryan Weigelt, the former Leading Petty Officer and power plant specialist for the SH-60B “Seahawk” helicopter.

There is even more reason to question the USS Nimitz incident since Commander Fravor claims that he made copies of the tapes of the UFO encounter and they disappeared right after the UAP event.

“All the radar tapes from the Princeton are missing, and they can’t find. I was chatting to someone at the archives, and they’ve said someone has taken that page from the logbook,” Fravor told podcast host and former U.S. Navy pilot Vincent Aiello. “I was chatting to someone at the archives, and they’ve said someone has taken that page from the logbook.”

“They were put in a safe on the Princeton, and they stayed there,” Fravor alleges. “We came back from a cruise, and they were there. But then, somehow, they disappeared, no one knows where they went. There have been several COs [Commanding Officers] since then, no one knows where they went.”

Could the reason for the tapes to be stolen because the aircraft in the recordings were top-secret aircraft with out-of-this-world capabilities?

You can read the entire exclusive interview over at the Daily Star.

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