Best Luck Ever: Bird Poops On Bride At The Altar, Groom Dies Laughing

Kingfisher bird in action

iStockphoto / MriyaWildlife

One of the most common superstitions surrounding birds is that getting pooped on by a bird is good luck.

Assuming that the circumstances heighten/less the measure of good luck when getting pooped on by a bird, this might mean the couple below was bestowed the best luck imaginable.

The bride was reading her vows when a bird flying over dropped a load on her shoulder and wedding dress. Between her dress, hair, and makeup she had probably woken up at 5am that morning to start getting ready for the day. The dress possibly took weeks or months to find and then months to have made.

The bird didn’t care. Nature called and it went. The happy couple just so happened to be standing there exchanging vows in the most important ceremony of their lives. And because it’s a wedding, many people had the camera rolling at the moment the dirty bird did its deed.


Bride gets pooped on during Vows!! This is good luck right?? #weddingtik #weddingvows #goodluck #birdpoop

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Bride gets pooped on by bird, everyone agrees it’s good luck

After the bride gets hit with a rogue bird poop the wheels come off. Groomsmen and the groom are all laughing. Everyone in the crowd slowly begins to realize what’s happening.

She asks her husband-to-be “did I just get s–t on?” and he keeps laughing while saying “I don’t know.” He’s not sure if laughs will make this better or if things are going south in a hurry.

The bride says “are you kidding me?! Yeah, I just got s–t on” before trying to recollect her thoughts and get back to the vows. Her husband-to-be adds “it smells.” They agree, it smells.

Everyone sliding into the comments on TikTok agrees that it’s good luck. The top upvoted comment reads “it’s definitely good luck!!!”

The second most upvoted comment says “it’s definitely good luck!!! unfortunate timing though.”

I’ll echo that it is definitely good luck, but the timing is irrelevant. There is never a good time to get pooped on by a bird.

The last time I got hit by a bird flying overhead was before the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals. I was rushing home to my apartment to change before the Lightning vs. Rangers Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

I was living in SoHo at this time and probably the only Lightning fan in Manhattan within a square mile. I got LIT UP by a pigeon. It was messy.

My Tampa Bay Lightning then went on to beat the Rangers 4-3 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Was it the pigeon pooping on me that led to the Lightning’s Game 7 win over the Rangers at Madison Square Garden? I like to think so.