The Live Bear Cam In Alaska Is Back And You Can Watch Bears Feasting On Salmon All Day Long

The Live Brooks Falls Bear Cam In Alaska Is Back And Better Than Ever

iStockphoto / Mark Kostich

The 24-hour Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park live Bear Cam is back. For many Americans, this Alaskan Bear Cam has become as much of a part of Summer as the 4th of July Hotdog Eating Contest. There’s just something incredible about being able to flip on a constant live feed of wild bears feasting on salmon.

The folks over at’s Live Nature Cams operate a multitude of live camera feeds and it’s an incredible way to spread awareness about nature. During the Summer, Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park in Alaska is crawling with bears which could be a terrifying thought for some. But seeing this live feed of the wild bears in their natural habitat helps to assuage many fears people have about bears and bear encounters.

Last year there was one epic night on the Brooks Falls Bear Cam where 38 brown bears showed up in one night! The sunrise is at 4:36 AM right now in Alaska and sunset is 11:32 PM. That means these brown bears on the Katmai National Park live Bear Cam have over 19 hours a day of sunlight and twilight to feed on migrating salmon.

The Live Brooks Falls Bear Cam In Katmai National Park, Alaska Is Back

Here is the current live feed from the Bear Cam with quite a few chunky brown bears posted up in the water. There are so many salmon migrating through this area during this time of year that feeding on them is sometimes just a matter of waiting for one to land in your mouth.

Some Bear Bloopers Caught On Camera

The Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park live Bear Cam was turned on back on June 18th. Since then, has already captured some pretty spectaculary and silly moments on camera.

Here’s one brown bear who fell over Brooks Falls and right onto his face in the water:

This is definitely how my dog sleeps:

Popeye is back on the Bear Cam!

Check out this absolute unit just lounging in the middle of the river:

This has to be one of the fattest bears on the Brooks Falls Bear Cam this year. I love him.

If you want some historical context of the Brooks Falls Bear Cam you can click here to see all the ‘Best Of’ clips from 2021.