Two Bros Crashed A Los Angeles City Council Budget Meeting With A List Of Bro-Tastic Suggestions To Make LA More Bro-Friendly

by 9 months ago

Here at BroBible, my dudes Chad and JT from Chad Goes Deep are on a quest to make the world a little more Bro friendly, one “Whaddup, council?”, beer bong, and fist-bump at a time. Their sacred quest to advance an agenda of all-out chillness is one that’s near and dear in these parts, especially when it comes to the bureaucratic world of politics and governance. It oh-so-rightfully aligns with my agenda of what BroBible means, as a digital publishing outlet, to culture at large; We all need a little more fist bumps and house parties our lives.

In the latest and greatest appearance at a Los Angeles City Council meeting, Chad and JT “get into the weeds on the new budge with our good friend/City Council President, Herb.” They have a few innocent suggestions on how to make LA a little more Bro friendly, especially now that house parties have been banned by the Bro haters of the world.

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