The Buffalo Snowstorm Has Unleashed Some Jaw-Dropping Pictures And Videos

The Buffalo Snowstorm Has Unleashed Some Jaw-Dropping Pictures And Videos

iStockphoto / Victoria Kotlyarchuk

The current lake effect snowstorm hitting Buffalo has already reached ‘Snowmageddon’ proportions. This Buffalo snowstorm was projected to drop up 4 feet of snow in some areas. Models (accurately) predicted so much snow the NFL preemptively moved the Buffalo Bills game from Buffalo to Detroit.

When it comes to extreme weather events there is one maxim that always rings true: if Jim Cantore shows up it means trouble is on the way. So when Jim Cantore tweeted this video at 5 AM it was a confirmation the heavens were about to open up and unleash a hellacious amount of snow on Buffalo:

Most recently, Jim Cantore was in Hamburg, NY which is due south of Buffalo. But it’s still getting crushed by this Buffalo snowstorm:

Imagine seeing cloud formations like this and driving INTO them and not speeding away in the other direction:

The Buffalo Snowstorm has unleashed the elusive THUNDERSNOW!!!

It’s not often that we get to see THUNDERSNOW caught on camera:

The National Weather Service for Buffalo confirmed the Buffalo Snowstorm has been serving up THUNDERSNOW. They could’ve just looked at Twitter like the rest of us for proof:

A whole minute of THUNDERSNOW:

Meanwhile, residents are struggling to keep the snow at bay before it consumes their cars, doors, and houses:

These dogs will soon be consumed by the Buffalo Snowstorm’s unprecedented lake effect snow levels:

Tracking the snowfall by stacking cans of Labatt Blue seems like a perfect way to pass the time:

This looks like a hurricane melded with a blizzard:

Somewhere in there I believe is a car:

Stay off the roads, at least until this Buffalo Snowstorm is over:

We have a College Football casualty:

There is a live camera of the snowstorm that shows a few different cities at the moment:

I will continue to update this article as more surreal snowstorm footage filters out of the Buffalo area.

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