NFL Moving Game Between Buffalo Bills And Cleveland Browns


Getty Image / Scott Winters

Hopefully everybody waited before betting the under on this weekend’s game between the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns.

There was a lot of uncertainty about what this weekend would hold for that game amid reports that a huge snow storm is heading for Buffalo. With the weather as a major factor, fans would have been expecting to see a game with a whole lot of rushing attempts.

Now it seems fans will be treated to a much more enjoyable game.

According to The Athletic’s Tim Graham, the NFL is moving the game to Ford Field in Detroit, a dome that will be much more friendly to the quarterbacks in this matchup.

The massive snow storm that is expected for Buffalo this weekend will cause the NFL to move a Bills game because of snow for the 1st time since 2014.

With the decision to move this game to Detroit, the Bills will now play back-to-back games in the city as they are scheduled for a game at Ford Field against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

While it’s unfortunate that the Bills will lose a home game because of this storm, the change in scenery should improve their outlook for this game as the more talented passing attack getting to play in a dome instead of in the snow.

It’s also not a bad deal for the fans watching this game.