Busch Light Apple Is The Latest Beer To Fall From The Busch Family Tree


Ever think you’ve seen it all when it comes to flavored beer, then you’re blown away by something completely out of the blue?

That’s how I feel about the latest and greatest beer creation to fall from the Busch family tree:

Busch Light Apple.

Busch Light Apple beer is coming to stores next week, beating the annual late summer pumpkin beer rush.

According to the can, it’s a limited edition release from Busch Light, so don’t expect these red delicious Apple Lattes to be around forever.

This is is Anheuser-Busch’s second go-around at an apple-themed beer.

In November 2015, ABI released Bud Light Apple, a crisp and slightly sweet beer with a limited release in the state of Georgia.

Busch Light Apple will be released nationwide. It comes in colorful red, apple orchard-themed packaging, available in 30 racks and other assorted sizes on Monday July 13, 2020 according to a launch video from Busch Beer:

Look, I’m a hard working American. I love an ice cold beer after a long day’s work. I also enjoy digging my molars into a crisp apple – It’s the perfect healthy snack.



If it’s apple flavored, I’m eating it and enjoying it: Apple pie, apple cider, apple butter, apple crisp, apple sauce – especially with some pork chops off the grill. I’d even through green apple-favored Airheads and Jolly Ranchers in the mix as a top notch candy flavor.

But the idea of a Busch Light Apple beer has my jaw on the floor. I’m thinking Naturdays except with a dash of Angry Orchard in the mix? I can’t wait to try it.

You could say it’s the apple of my beer-loving eye.

And I’m already mentally prepared to see Busch Light Apple cases everywhere in the coming months

Hopefully even on Kevin Harvick’s NASCAR. This guy has the right idea:

Here’s a first glimpse at Busch Light Apple cans:



Are you excited to try it?

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