Call Of Duty:Warzone Bunkers Can Finally Be Opened After Latest Patch

For months Call of Duty Warzone players have wondered what’s behind the secret bunkers in the Verdansk map and now they can find out for themselves.

After Monday night’s Modern Warfare patch the game is now allowing players to solve the mystery of Warzone’s mysterious locked bunker doors.

Via Charlie Intel

Following the newest patch update for Call of Duty: Warzone on May 19, Infinity Ward has added in the ability to open some of the vaults/bunkers across the map using Key Cards to enter.

Users have been able to get into new locations on the map now, and found new loot boxes, areas to get more items, and more teasers as Season 4 of Modern Warfare approaches in early June.

Here’s how to open the bunkers.

Via Gaming Intel

Find a Red Access Card
Once you have acquired this item, hold on to it.
Hold over to the bunkers, and there should be a code on the right hand side of each bunker.
Your Red Access Crad will grant you access to specific bunkers, so you can then head into the vaults.

Apparently one of the bunkers includes another mystery, a nuke.

The current theory going around Call Of Duty discords is that the nuke will be armed by a certain object the game which is currently unknown.