Cavinder Twins Go Viral In Short Jeans And Crop-Tops In Nashville

Cavinder Twins

Megan Briggs/Getty Image

The Cavinder twins are making waves, and it’s not just on the basketball court.

You might know them from TikTok, where they blew up during those lockdown days. Well, turns out that in 2022, they raked in about $2 million. Yep, these twins are turning heads and making bank.

Their TikTok game is strong with over 4.5 million followers, and they’ve got a solid crew of 2 million folks keeping up with them on Instagram

The twins took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, and decided to strut their stuff in short jeans and crop-tops. They captioned the pics with “Twins take nash.”

The post got nearly 10,000 likes in just 3 hours.

Remember when they rocked the basketball scene during March Madness? Well, they decided to skip their last year of eligibility for more exciting adventures.

They’re diving into the world of NIL deals and even starting their pro wrestling journey with WWE.

But that’s not all, folks. These twins are making headlines left and right. They had a 4th of July celebration in some flashy lingerie that caught eyes all over TikTok. They also busted some moves in their crop-tops on TikTok, and people couldn’t get enough.

And let’s not forget their recent “Happy August” post. They soaked up the sun and showed off their perfect tan in some skinny bikinis.