Amazing Tributes Are Pouring In From Celebrities Around The Globe Honoring The Icon Hugh Hefner

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Tributes of all sorts, from all kinds of famous people in almost every form of entertainment have been overflowing on social media as celebrities mourn the death of the late, great icon Hugh Hefner.

Hefner, who passed away at the age of 91 on Wednesday, was a legend to many across the world and was a true one of a kind in life.

Hef was such a legend that even in his golden years when he was 85, according to former Girls Next Door stars Karissa and Kristina Shannon, Hefner would rather have sex than the ability to hear.

“He said he would rather have sex than have his hearing,” the twins told The Sun in 2011. “He has hearing aids now and even then he can only hear out of one ear. You have to lean down and talk into his good ear for him to understand you. We could sit right next to him and he wouldn’t have a clue what we said.”

Love it.

Naturally, Hefner’s passing has led to a multitude of tributes far and wide. Here’s just a sampling of the multitude of people the man touched over the years (no pun intended, eh, screw it, pun totally intended)…

This last one, by Pamela Anderson, might just be the best tribute of them all…

RIP, Hef.

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