Genius Cheerleader Gave Away Pot Brownies To Help Score Homecoming Queen Votes, Reports Police

by 6 months ago
Cheerleader Pot Brownies Homecoming Queen Votes


Here’s a new one. Police are investigating allegations that a cheerleader distributed marijuana-laced brownies at her southwestern Michigan high school in a very entrepreurial effort to land homecoming queen votes. Talk about your “higher education.” Sorry, it was unavoidable.

Police are currently looking into how a batch of 12 pot brownies were distributed at Hartford High School in Hartford, Michigan.

Fox 47 News reports the student included the brownies inside goodie bags for the football team during homecoming week.

Michael Prince, a patrolman for the Hartford Police Department, said of the incident, “I’ve read about things across this country. It has not happened with anything that I know of in this area. I’ve been an officer a long time, and whenever you think you’ve heard it all, something just about daily comes up, like, ‘Wow.'”

Prince also told local TV station WWMT, “We are investigating two things. Number one, some were put in goodie bags for players. Also, they were used to obtain votes for the queen contest.”

The high school says it got a tip through the OK2Say app, which allows people to anonymously submit their concerns. The tip claimed that a cheerleader brought the pot brownies to school for the football players and the leftovers were used to procure votes for homecoming queen.

Distrubuting drugs in a drug-free zone like a “high” school could carry felony charges. Sorry again.

The cheerleader who is the main suspect in the case is out of state with her mother right now for “a family emergency.” Police hope to interview them when they return to Hartford.

Still waiting on word of whether she won or not.

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